Sunday, June 10, 2012

Apple's WWDC 2012 Keynote Too Hot Too Handle

On Monday morning Apple will be giving their 2012 WWDC Keynote to an audience packed with developers from the East Coast. Like all Apple events, there's only one thing guaranteed to come out of Monday: disappoint. You see, expectations are at an all time high for Apple this time round. If I didn't know any better, I'd think it is some massive conspiracy to set everyone's expectations way too high, only to be manically disappointed, so next year nobody will want to go.

Seriously, the list includes everything. It's a whole new Apple... as if they need to fix something... Here's what I remember just off the top of my head

  • MacBooks
    • A new Macbook Pro Redesign
    • A revival of the MacBook brand
    • New Intel Chips
    • USB 3.0 on the MacBook Pro
    • A Retina display MacBook
    • An entirely new MacBook! (this could be filed under the "MacBook revival")
    • A new Mac Pro design!
  • Software
    • iOS 6
      • A new Maps App, with turn-by-turn navigation
      • Facebook Integration
      • Siri API, plus for iPad
      • Another re-vamp of the Notification Center
      • New skins to choose from (like for the Settings App)
      • iCloud API
    • OSX Mountain Lion released
    • An Apple TV SDK, maybe even hardware!

Why is it that tech reporters feel the need to support every single rumor they hear? Sure, Apple probably is working on all of these, but they like to dole out information slowly. That way customers can absorb the changes a little bit at time. Plus, they're only human, it genuinely takes a while to create new products.

But that's not fun! I get that. It is more fun to dream of all the possibilities Apple has in store for us. Plus, no body remembers if you get it wrong, so there's no harm in guessing... err... predicting. As for me, as a current owner of an iMac and iPhone, I would love to only hear about updates to iOS and OSX (with free updates, please).

So, prepare to be utterly disappointed on Monday. Everything Apple comes out will either already be known, or a copy of something someone else already did. We'll all still buy it, and love it, but it'll be disappointing.

One More Thing!

Here are my predictions of what you won't see on Monday:
  • Control your iPad using Apple TV's remote
  • iWork coming to the upcoming Windows 8 tablet
  • Deep LinkedIn integration with iOS
  • Oprah Moment: all attendees get stock options ahead of Apple's dividend
  • iOS gets a file system similar to OSX
  • iAds rolling out to OSX apps & HTML5 websites
  • A tribute video to Steve Jobs where everyone wears his outfit and says "Insanely Great!"

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