Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Windows

Jessi and I had new windows installed on the tenant's side of our duplex this week. Originally there were windows that looked to be at least 30 years old: thin, single plane, aluminum, and practically zero efficiency. When we bought the place and were fixing it up, Albany had a cold front come in and we literally had sheets of ice covering each window.

The benefits of these new windows are many:
  • More efficient/economical: less heat transfer in and out = less energy costs
  • Safer: The bottom part of those big windows are tempered glass, bring them up to code
  • Better noise reduction: we live near heavy traffic, hearing less of that is better
  • Better circulation: The large windows can now slide open letting fresh air in
  • Safer still: the old windows didn't slide great and were a pain to lock properly. These are easy.
  • Prettier: The new windows just look and feel modern.

Right now we're just doing the tenant's side. We save a little more money because we can write off the expense and doing the whole project at once was outside our budget (especially given all the other updates we're doing - more later). So for now, our tenants will be the only ones who get to enjoy the new windows.

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