Thursday, February 24, 2011

Harley Davidson Puzzle Completed!

Last weekend we spent a night on the coast. It was extremely relaxing. One of the activities we (well, Jessi) did was puzzle. Jessi had previously spent a couple minutes here and there working on the puzzle. On our trip she was able to dedicate a few hours and made a ton of progress. She made so much in fact that she was able to finish the puzzle this week.

This puzzle was given to her by my dad for Christmas. She found the tanks pretty easy to complete given their distinct colors, whereas the chrome and seats all kind of looked the same.

What also made the puzzle fun was the new puzzling surface she got for Christmas: It's a large piece of felt fabric and a plastic cylinder about 3" in diameter and the length of the fabric. What that means is Jessi could easily roll up her puzzle and move it - to the living room, the back room, or on a trip to the coast. When it's unrolled, all the pieces are right where you left them. Pretty cool. It allows her more flexibility and opportunities to puzzle. She's even starting to talk about trying to take a puzzle with us on our next camping trip.

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