Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 Goals

Here we are in 2011. For us, 2010 was very busy and full of a lot of excitement. Just purchasing a property probably contributed to that feeling of possibilities. Interestingly, I feel like 2011 will be a year of hard work. I mean, we're still pursuing fun activities, but it's going to take substantial effort to accomplish our goals.

Jessi put together three words as our theme this year: Consistency, Persistence & Completion. I think this captures well how we feel. So, with that as context, here are my goals for 2011. I tried to focus on new things, while keeping older ones in mind (like for example, continuing to read my Bible regularly).

1) Connect with HS dudes
I realize this goal seems nebulous, and it's purposeful. Some background: Jessi and I started helping out with the high school group at our church. We've even been given small groups - I got the freshman boys. Due to sports and other activities, it's been difficult to create really meaningful relationships with them so far. So this year's goal is to do that. I'll measure it as a success if 3 things happen: First, we find a regular time to meet as a small group. Second, we all know each other and say "hi" when we see each other. Third, I have a level 4 conversation with at least 2 dudes.

2) Manage 1 other property
After managing our property for a year, we have a genuine desire to manager other people's property. We love knowing we're helping provide homes for other people. So, we started taking a property management class (because you're required to be licensed in Oregon to manage 3rd party properties), and will be taking the license test later this year. Then we'll officially register our business and start promoting. We're also talking about our potential competitive advantages and will be creating some semblance of a business plan. We're actually required to have an operating manual, so that'll help crystalize how we run our business.

3) Run a half-marathon
Jessi and I set this goal together and then immediately signed up for Corvallis' first annual half-marathon in April. So this goal should also be accomplished relatively easily. Now I just need to get in shape and avoid injury. I don't think it'll be too difficult, but 13 miles is a long distance no matter how you slice it.

4) Earn blue belt in jiu jitsu
This will happen in February if all goes well. My friend and I have been training hard for this. You have to attend at least 120 classes and be able to demonstrate a basic competency in jiu jitsu. This month is our big push to make sure we know and perform everything fluidly.

5) Fly in a Fighter Jet (I don't know why, but I feel the need to capitalize Fighter Jet)
This is definitely the most exciting and most difficult goal I have. I'm not even 100% sure how I'm going to accomplish this goal, and I even contemplated leaving it off. Then I figured at the very least I'd have some fun stories to tell. So, my plan of action is to start asking if people know someone (who knows someone?) that might be able to do something in the way of riding in a Fighter Jet. I also need to decide how much money I'm willing to spend to accomplish this goal.

6) Find 3 customers
Like I shared earlier, I didn't accomplish this goal last year. We really struggled with the transition from being "friends" to "being friends who also sell a fantastic product". Logically, I get it: We love Univera's products, and would recommend them to everyone; therefore, why not earn some income off of those recommendations. The problem is that the foundation of the relationship is not based on either health or the products. However, there are two situations in which this seems to work: First, you have a very old relationship (like 7+ years) where the transition doesn't overshadow the existing foundation. Second, in a brand new relationship where the foundation is not set. My plan is to focus on those new relationships - meeting people BECAUSE of health or product needs. This fundamentally changes the nature of the relationship. The trick is creating those situations and I'll share my plans at a later date.

So yeah. It's going to be a busy year with a lot of hard work. Here's what we're looking at for just the first half of the year:
- Train for blue belt test during Jan for a test beginning in Feb.
- Finish real estate class and study for license exam in Feb & Mar.
- Train for marathon/2 in Feb & Mar for race in Apr.
- Drive to Mexico in Mar with our church.
- Fly to Ohio in May for a friend's wedding
- Continue working.

I'm pretty sure all of these are attainable. At the very least, it'll be a wild ride!

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