Monday, June 28, 2010

"He Should Of Had It"

I am really enjoying this year's World Cup. When possible I make every effort to watch the game. There's just something so exciting about guys kicking a ball around. Though, one of the things that makes it extra fun are the commentators.

First, I love their accent. There just something about a British guy calling the game that makes it more enjoyable. Also, when Jessi first started watching with me she had trouble understanding what they were saying. It reminded me fondly of my learning curve.

Then there's learning the new words like "pitch" and "nil". It's just so... proper.

My most favorite part though are the commentator's attitude towards the game. They are constantly saying things like, "Oh, he should of had that one." Or, "Oh, that's a mistake. He shouldn't have done that". These commentators make it sound like there should be a goal every five minutes. Like every missed attempt was the player some how messing up on something which should be done easily.


These guys are running as fast as they can and trying to make a round bouncy ball go where they want it - with others trying to stop them no less! Think about it. That's hard! There's a reason most games are 1-0. If you just think about the goal-to-shot ratio, the commentators should be more surprised when a goal is actually scored.

Remember it's all in that British accent too, which makes it even funnier.

Of course, when a goal is scored, you can hear the commentators saying, "The goalie should of had that one." What?!  It's like they get paid to complain about how non-perfect the players are. It's just unbelievable, in an entertaining sort of way. I'm pretty sure if they didn't have a British accent it would be annoying.

It's especially great when they attack the refs. When the ref calls offsides, and they look at the instant replay - with the transparent line to make it obvious - they'll say stuff like, "He's clearly even. That's a bad call. The ref should have done better." Come on. That ref was running as fast as he could to keep up with the play and we had to slow the replay way down to see the call. It's really not that "clear".

"He should of had that." Ha. How classic. Now whenever I watch and I hear a line similar to it, I like to mimic them with my horrible British accent. In some weird way though, it does make the game more entertaining when the commentators expect every attempt to be perfect. They're so unyielding too. You'd think they'd catch on, but nope. The very next play their expectations are set for perfection once again.

On a related note, I'm going to be in Germany during the World Cup final. It should fun to watch it in a country where soccer is the dominate sport.

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