Monday, May 31, 2010

May Update

I'm trying out yet another series. This one is a monthly recap. I'm planning on sharing things we've done and then share a few interesting items I've found on the web in the past month.

What we've been up to
The first half of the month was spent hanging out with friends. We watched Iron Man 2 and ate out a ton. We probably ate out too much. I haven't created our monthly financial summary yet, so I don't actually know. Though, I think it was worth it because we got to be with friends. This time also marked the finish to a very long planning process at work. In previous years it only lasted two weeks, but this year it was closer to two months. It was a long process, but we had the best review with senior management that I've ever heard of.

Jessi has been putting on monthly Women's Health Nights. I hear they're going great. They're all learning how to live healthier amidst busy lives. Jessi really likes giving fun little tips and tricks to make women's lives easier.

The second half of this month was characterized by a lot of travel for me. I went to Boise for a few meetings. It was good getting to see my team. I especially liked our team-building activity: go kart racing. Then I got to go on the Meat Retreat with our church's youth group. I talk about that exploit here.

Information of interest
I saw this article and shared it with Jessi. It shows you how to make bags out of old shirts. Jessi went ahead and made a couple and they turned out great. She has photos somewhere. I'll try and get her to upload them to Facebook.
Quick Grocery Bag From an Old Shirt

I'm kind of attracted to graphs and I really like Back To The Future. So, when I can combine the two together, I really have something special. So this article isn't really an article as much as it is displaying visually a great line from a great movie.
Famous Science Fiction Quotes in Graph Form

Videos I liked
This first one is inspirational. It's a Nike ad which makes you think. (link)

The second one should blow your mind. It's Back To The Future I & II running together (I told you I liked it). A couple splits were made to make it work, but it's pretty fun to watch. (link)

That's it for this month. I hope you enjoyed it.

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