Monday, August 17, 2009

First Parry-Furlo Camping Trip

For the first time in recorded history and Parry and Furlo clan headed over to Oregon's coast for a good ol' fashioned camp out. For the most part it was pretty sweet. It was the first time the Parrys had been as an entire family which meant it was hilarious watching their kids experience the greater outdoors for an extended period of time. I would say both Grace and Ethan handled it very well - especially the nearby sand pit. It was also no surprise that Ethan loved smorse.

The only semi-weird part of the whole experience were the neighbors. You went to a camp ground called Sandbeach. We thought, "Oh cool, sand and a beach. Perfect." We quickly realized that the rest of the world recognized this as a perfect spot to go ATVing. Thankfully there were quiet hours from midnight through 6am, so we at least got a couple hours of quiet. Still, after the first evening we acclimated to the constant drone of engines and not-quite-all-burned exhaust. We did go out and see what all the fuss was about, and I must admit that does look pretty fun. We decided that next time we'll try a different location or buy ATVs so we can join in the fun.

I'm not sure when Kelli is going to talk about it, but you can check to read more about the fun.

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