Friday, July 17, 2009

Writer's Block

So... I've wanted to write something for a while. I've actually tried on multiple occasions and for some reason I get stuck. I actually have three blog posts that are partially written, but for some reason I can't think of a good way to finish them. Lame. I know.

So instead of actually finishing those, because I don't think I can, I'll share what I was GOING to write about and call that a blog post. Lame. I know. But that's all I've got right now.

Best Friends.... Forever
In this one I talk about social networks and how it's both good and bad. It's good because we get to connect with people we know and might have lost contact with previously. It's bad because it takes bandwidth away from people you're currently hanging out with. As a result, our circle of friends is always growing, and never really shrinks. Personally, I see a potential problem with this, but maybe some sort of filtering system would fix it, but until then all future relationships will suffer.

Proverbs 16
I was reading through Proverbs and wanted to share some of the things I learned. This post started off really strong by talking about being positive and about making plans while letting God determine your steps. Then it started to taper off...

Spring Cleaning in The Summer
Basically Jessi started cleaning our storage room. She loves it and I'm coping because I'm a pack rat (thanks Mom and Dad). I started out talking about our philosophies about order. Jessi loves order no matter what the cost. I do a mental cost-benefit analysis and therefore leave some things messy (like the storage room). It started out funny, but I quickly lost steam. Then I tried to pull out something deep and insightful and it just didn't work when in conjunction with the funny part.

So there you go. Three semi-posts in one. Next time I'll try not to wimp out. Lame. I know.

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