Saturday, March 14, 2009

First 5K Since College

I love to run! I ran cross country all through high school and for two years in college. Unfortunately I had to stop running in college because of some chronic shin problems. The advice I got from several doctors and trainers was to get really expensive surgery or braces or just not run. As a poor college student I chose to not run even though I was heartbroken. I tried a few other sports...crew and raquetball...but nothing was ever quite the same as running.

I continued to have chronic shin problems (bruising, swelling, soreness...) even though I cut back on running big time. I totally stopped running around my senior year of college and did not train for about three years. On our honeymoon we did a lot of walking and around the third day I mentioned that my shins felt great! I decided that when we got back I would try running again and see what happened.

The only thing that changed in those three years besides getting older and not running was that I started taking some amazing natural products that are designed for joint and muscle fatigue and any kind of discomfort going on in the body. I ran when we got home and felt amazing! I had never recovered so quickly from long runs and while I was running I was close to matching my fastest training times from high school!

I was so excited this morning because I ran my first race since college!...and got just over my best time in high school!!! I also feel great right now and am almost fully recovered...I will be by tomorrow! I am totally excited that I am back on the race course and that one of our good friends, Dan Barram, shared these supplements with us that have allowed me to be myself again!

My goal, and one of my life dreams, is to run a marathon. I have my eye on the Portland Marathon next fall at this point and I will keep you posted on my training and progress...for now enjoy the pictures (courtesy of my wonderful husband) of my first race since college!


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