Friday, December 12, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas

I have decided that my number two favorite holiday is Christmas. I love Thanksgiving the most because it is right next to my birthday, or in this year's case on my birthday, and because it is so much fun to get everyone in the same place and eat really good food. Christmas is similar because everyone gets together but the traditions and meaning behind Christmas are so special.

I think it hit me when we were putting up our Christmas decorations this year and I realized that they were MY decorations and not my parents. This is the first year I have really ever put anything up for my own house. It was really fun to go out shopping with James and make our home special and cozy and Christmasy.

I am looking forward to going to Colorado for Christmas to visit my family and also to begin new traditions and carry on old ones with my new husband. We usually eat Mexican food for Christmas at the Christian household. I don't know why, I guess we had just gotten tired of turkey and ham by then...and my Grandpa really loved the extremely spicy green chili my mom made each year. This year we are going to teach James how to make tamales...homemade tamales.

Even with all the Christmas hype, buying of presents, and the multiple fun traditions of the season...I have been reminded often this year of the meaning behind everything we have the freedom to do. It is not because of anything we have done or made for ourselves. It is because God loved us so much he renewed the relationship with us through his son. It was truly the beginning of our reason to celebrate when Jesus was born.

Enjoy the pictures!


p.s. we have a balloon tree because we will be out of town for Christmas day :)

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