Friday, March 07, 2008

4 Things I'm Excited About

Here comes the list: 4 Things I'm excited about!!!

  1. I just purchased a new monitor from HP - ah... the employee discount is nice... It's a 22" wide-screen beauty. A while back I talked about having multiple monitors and how nice it is a work. I mean, it's soooooo nice to be able to see everything at once. This is especially true with the web development I do. Now I can have three documents open and viewable at one time PLUS have the browser viewable on the other monitor. Not having to flip back and forth is going to be amazing.
  2. Speaking of the browser, Google recently released a little program to sync Google Calendar with Microsoft Outlook. This, quite honestly is pretty cool. You see, I have all my personal stuff ongCal and all my work stuff in Outlook. It's fine keeping them separate, but it meant I was constantly having to memorize my schedule, or turn on my work computer to see what was going to be happening in the next few days. Well... now they're all synced up. I will no longer have to waste time memorizing my schedule or turning on my computer. The best part is that I can accessgCal on my iPhone which means I now have my work schedule in my pocket. Yeah, it's pretty sweet.
  3. Speaking of the iPhone, I can't wait until June comes about. Today Apple reviewed their SDK for the iPhone and some of the applications coming in June are going to be amazing. I'm excited about the corporate features, like push email, but I'm just as excited for the other programs. For example, Super Monkey Ball from Sega uses theiPhone's accelerometer for controls. It looks like it's going to be a wicked fun game.
  4. Speaking of games, this Sunday is going to be a Sunday of epic proportions. For those of you keeping score, especially you Wii owners out there, this Sunday Super Smash Bros. Brawl comes out. I've already set up time to play online against a bunch of friends. We all installed Skype on our computers so we can chat while playing. It's going to be a blast. More importantly, Jessi is excited for the game to come out too. We've played Smash Bros. Melee a few times and she's really liked it. I'm excited.

As you can clearly see, great things are happening and great things are going to continue to happen. I know you're jealous, but that's OK.

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