Saturday, January 19, 2008

A New Project

I've began dabbling in a new project. A friend at work, who's stated 2008 goal is to "own a patent", approached me with a web application idea after a few minutes of joking around with "wouldn't it be cool if..." statements. Now, I can't tell you too much, because A) we might patented it and B) I'd have to kill you, but here's the basic idea:

We're both avid Google Reader users with many (many!) feeds which produce upwards of 200 posts a day. Sometimes I'm not sure how I actually get anything done. As a result of all of these feeds, our reader ends up with two types of junk. The first type are stories we just don't care about. The second are repeat stories. There are alternatives out there that semi-fix these problems, but no definitive solution to fix both problems. Our guess is that over time readers will become more main stream AND more and more people will have the same problem we have.

So, instead of sitting around waiting for an existing reader to solve these problems, we're going to try our hand at our own. It probably won't be as slick as Google Reader, but we're sure it'll be fun trying to come up with a creative solution. By the way, if you happen to know of another program that solves this problem, give me a shout out because I really don't need to invent this wheel again.

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