Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wired Once Again

Little did you know, but I have been "living" (if you can call it that) without the Internet in my apartment for the last month or so. It has been an interesting experience. Though, as of this week, I am once again connected to the world. There will be no more waiting until I get to work in the morning to see if I received another email. During this time though I noticed a couple of things.

First, I really like being online. I mean, I do so much online it's kind of sick. It's my source for news, communication, work and entertainment. I'm sure if I could figure it out, it would also be my source of physical exercise. Without being connected at home I felt empty.

Second, I played more video games. I re-discovered all those old PC games I had completely forgotten about. I probably logged too many hours playing Rome: Total War and other excellent games. Oh yeah, I also reached pro status on Tennis for Nintendo's Wii Sports. Basically, without the Internet I had trouble coming up with ways to entertain myself.

Being at school, with the Internet included in my tuition, I didn't realize how expensive the Internet can be. This is especially true since I don't have a TV and only use my cell phone which means I can't take advantage of bundled packages. Furthermore, since I'm living in a smaller town I don't exactly have all the choices of some in larger towns. I can easily see how people who are not as dependent on the Internet as I am decide not to get broadband/DSL or any other relatively expensive option.

I'd like to say I came out a better person from this experience, but pretty much I'm just glad to be sending emails and watching You Tube late into the night. With that, I'm off to enjoy some clips of "The Office".

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