Saturday, April 07, 2007

Fun in the Sun

Hi again,
It seems like I have a hard time getting on here to post updates on life. But it is definitely time to put something new up.

I have been job searching down in California, for elementary teaching positions. The process is slow but mostly painless. I have had two great interviews for two school districts and am waiting to hear back from them. I also applied to about 7 other districts and once again am waiting for positive feedback and invitations for interviews. I wish I had a job already, where have I heard that before?... oh, yeah, James wishes he had a job already too :)
James and I also had the oportunity to spend Spring Break with his family in California. On top of the job searching we had a fun filled week! The pictures are from a trip I took with James' mom to San Francisco for a day! I had my first trip to Chinatown and my first cable car ride! It was a blast! We also ate lunch at a little restaurant called the Pearl Orchid...I think? I would recommend it if you are playing in San Francisco for the day. We also stopped by a new hotel and learned about their environmentally friendly was really neat.
I hope you enjoy and I will keep you updated on the job search!


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