Monday, June 20, 2011

Duplex Mini-Remodel Finished

Jessi and I have been working hard the last few weeks (OK, the last month) fixing up the other side of our duplex. Our previous tenants decided to move on, so we took the opportunity to make some needed improvements. The original plan was to take a bunch of pictures and create a video tour which we would link to in our craigslist advertisement. That way prospective tenants could get a really good feel of what the place looks like beyond the 4 pictures that craigslist allows.

As it turned out, our new tenants sought us out before we even finished the improvements. So, we no longer had a need to create the virtual tour. We did, however, still need to document what everything looked like for when they eventually move out. From the 200 or so pictures I took, I put together a quick slideshow showing off some of the many improvements we made. Enjoy.

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